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It's time to gather at Joey's Diner again to discuss what is going on at all levels of government.

This month, updates on happenings in Concord, at Town Hall, and at the schools.

Deliberative sessions are next week! Be informed, be engaged, participate in the process and make your voice heard! Please join us at 8:00 AM Saturday February 4 at Joey's Diner. You can get a great breakfast, but there will be much more than that. Please join us!


Thank you Amherst voters! We had a strong 80% turnout for the 2016 General Election.

Congratulations to Pete Hansen, Reed Panasiti, and top vote getter Laurie Sanborn who will be our Republican Representatives in the NH House. Congratulations to Gary Daniels who was re-elected to the NH Senate and Dave Wheeler who was re-elected to the Executive Council. Republicans will continue to control both chambers of the legislature as well as the Executive Council. But now, we will have a Governor they can work with - Congratulations to Governor-elect Chris Sununu!

On the County level, Amherst voters helped to re-elect Dennis Hogan County Attorney, Jim Hardy Sheriff, Dave Fredette Treasurer, BJ Perry Register of Probate, and Amherst's own Pam Coughlin as Register of Deeds and Bob Rowe for County Commissioner. Congratulations to all of our Republican Hillsborough County winners!

Complete Amherst Election Results HERE)

Thanks to all who made the calls, knocked on the doors, and talked to your friends and neighbors about the strong leadership of Republicans and how that leadership benefits our town and our state. Clearly, the message was heard and Republicans will continue to lead the charge for limited government, lower taxes, more jobs, and more freedom for all of our citizens.


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