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Do you believe in limited constitutional government? Do you believe the role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals? Do you believe that less government spending leads to lower taxes and lower taxes lead to greater economic activity and higher standards of living for all? Do you believe that free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity? Do you believe in "peace through strength" as a guiding foreign policy? Do you believe it is immoral to sink ourselves into massive debt and leave that debt as a legacy to our children and grandchildren? Do you believe that the family is the cornerstone of a healthy society and that parents know better than government bureaucrats how children should be raised and educated? Most importantly, do you believe that these principles are worth fighting for?

If so, we want to work with you to promote these values and to elect individuals who will carry our message to Concord and to Washington, DC. We are the Amherst Republican Committee and as Chairman I invite you to join us in our quest to promote limited, open, and accountable government and to elect Republican candidates who will uphold the proud and historic traditions of our Party and its Platform.

Mark Vincent, Chair
Amherst Republican Committee

How To Join

The Amherst Republican Committee invites you to become an active participant with us in helping to elect Republicans in Amherst and statewide. Please consider joining and become a voting member by printing out and sending this Membership Form to:

Amherst Republican Committee
P.O. Box 6125
Amherst, NH 03031-6125

Consider coming to our Next Meeting... you will be most welcome! Conservative-minded independents are also welcome to join us. We are interested in promoting Republican values and welcome all like-minded individuals, even if you aren't a registered Republican. However, if you wish to become a voting member of the committee or you seek our support for your own run for office, we'll ask that you register as a Republican.

If you can't join now, please sign up for our email list to get important information about what is happening in the great state of New Hampshire. These are important issues that affect all of us. To sign up send an email to with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

The Amherst Republican Committee will promote both the NH GOP and the National GOP party platforms and help elect Republicans to local, state, and national offices. The Committee will keep its membership informed of the issues facing NH, and promote conservatism and Republican values in general.

Have a question?

Email us at and one of our board members will respond.

Download a copy of our ByLaws

Board of Directors

  • Chairman, Mark Vincent - (603) 801-8851

  • Vice Chairman, Bill Modis

  • Secretary, Donni Hodgkins

  • Treasurer, Russ Hodgkins

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